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Third sector

The third sector, otherwise known as the “voluntary sector” or “community sector” relates to social activity that’s undertaken by not-for-profit organisations including:

  • Charities
  • Cooperatives
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Social Enterprises
  • Voluntary or community organisations

Third sector organisations seek to resolve particular social issues and provide help and support in order to progress change.

Community Interest Companies (CICs)

Sometimes business is about more than just making money. If your business has a social purpose, but also needs to raise money and pay a return to investors, a Community Interest Company might be right for you. CICs combine the trading benefits of a limited company with the status of a company founded to benefit the community.

Their activities can include the arts, health and wellbeing, media and many other areas, and range from small organisations based in the community to companies that bring in millions of pounds. We’ll combine our commercial expertise with our knowledge of the third sector to give sound practical advice on setting up and running your CIC.

Social Investment

Social investment, sometimes called social impact investment, is an increasingly popular method of funding good causes. Whereas grant funders may only be prepared to fund charities and often attach strict conditions to their funding, social investors typically want to help charities, social enterprises and other third sector organisations generate positive outcomes through their activities. Social investment often takes the form of loans to organisations which would struggle to raise funds from mainstream lenders but it can take other forms. We’re excited to be assisting clients in this innovative and developing area of third sector funding. Get in touch with us if you think this might be the right funding model for you.

Community buy out / asset transfer requests

We can advise you in relation to community buy outs and have substantial experience in these types of deals. For further information on community right to buy click here.

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