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Commercial contracts

Contracts are the heartbeat of a business.

The process of agreeing a contract is as important as the signed document itself. Contract negotiations force the two sides to confront their differences and resolve them. Writing the deal down in clear plain language flushes out any points where there was a lack of clarity or differing interpretations, for example:

“How precisely is the price discount mechanism meant to operate? Do we mean 10% of the price including VAT or net of VAT?”

If done correctly, both sides sign a contract setting out a deal which they both understand and have agreed. This minimises the risk of having to re-visit the contract afterwards, because there’s unlikely to be a falling-out unless external factors cause things to go wrong.

Legal clauses are important, and we’ll keep you right on those, but our main focus is on ensuring that the deal you want is fully understood on both sides, and recorded in the contract in clear language, so that your rights are clear and can be enforced if required.

Distribution and other trade contracts

Choosing the right partner in trade, whether domestic or international, is essential. We’re experts in asking the right questions before a client embarks on a new commercial relationship and ensuring that there’s a clear exit route if things don’t go to plan.

International trade contracts

In today’s global marketplace there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes to make connections with clients, suppliers and contractors abroad. We routinely advise both international clients of all sizes looking to do business in the UK as well as UK clients with contracting parties in foreign jurisdictions. We’re a member of Lexwork International, a worldwide association of independent law firms across the world who are able to combine to provide effective support for cross-border transactions. Additionally, we provide a range of corporate and commercial legal services in Italian, Mandarin and Polish languages.

Standard terms and conditions

Whether you’re manufacturing a product or providing a service, standard terms and conditions are a vital tool for your business. The objective of having standard terms and conditions in place is that they regularise the contract between you, your client or customer. This can be in relation to payment terms, the types of service that you offer and limitation of liability to protect you should anything go wrong.

We can help in preparing and reviewing terms and conditions for your business as well as ensure that they’re tailored to suit your needs, so that your only focus is on the day to day running of your business.

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