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Public law including judicial review

We’re surrounded by public bodies, government departments and local authorities. They deliver a public service and they’re governed mostly by UK legislation. They are all affected by whether the decision maker was acting within his/her powers.

You might feel that a decision should be challenged. Perhaps it’s been made incorrectly or not made at all. This can be done by way of statutory appeal or judicial review and sometimes both.

We’ve been involved in the biggest by value cases in public law in each of the last five years.

  • Sustainable Shetland v The Scottish Ministers - this involved the granting of permission for a wind farm in Shetland (£5 Billion)
  • RSPB v The Scottish Ministers - involved the granting of permission for an offshore wind farm (£10 Billion)

If you need support or would like to discuss Public Law or Judicial Review please contact us.

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