Residential property

Diversification and commercial opportunities

Whether you’re a landowner or tenant you may want or see opportunities to diversify your business for a range of benefits.

Before embarking on a diversification project it’s important to understand your rights, what you can and a can’t do, the timeline for completion of the project and whether or not you need to obtain the consent of any third parties, be it your landlord, tenants or others with a right to occupy the land over which the diversification is to take place. It’s also important to consider tax implications as early as possible to help reduce costs and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry has been a real area of opportunity for landowners in recent years. It has allowed landowners to establish new revenue streams and in some cases safeguarded the long term future of the estate/farm. Renewable energy encompasses not only the traditional on-shore wind, hydro and solar PV but the increasingly popular anaerobic digestion, biogas, landfill gas and others. We’ve been advising landowners for many years on all aspects and stages of renewable energy projects and routinely help clients on joint venture arrangements and projects spanning multiple land ownerships.

Farm Contracts

Farming contracts have become more popular than ever with landowners and farmers less inclined to enter into a lease due to the rigid statutory framework and the desire to have the freedom to contract as they wish. Care must be taken to ensure that farming contracts are formed and managed correctly to avoid inadvertently creating a leasing arrangement. If you’re a landowner or farmer, then we can prepare and negotiate farming contracts for you.


We advise landowners and mining companies on all aspects of and types of mineral exploration and extraction including the planning process, title investigation and site reinstatement. For more information contact us.


Aquaculture is an increasingly important industry for Scotland in terms of food production and employment. Whether you’re a landowner or an aquaculture business, we can provide support relating to licensing, environmental considerations and commercial leasing.


For a number of our clients, retail is a key part of their diversification and business portfolio. We work with clients with a variety of ”in house” retail businesses from small farm shops to large food production and export enterprises, providing them with the expert advice they need to run a successful operation including employment law, commercial leasing and intellectual property.


Scotland’s varied landscape lends itself extremely well to many leisure pursuits. We help clients to take advantage of their assets, allowing them to set up and run their chosen leisure facility effectively.

We also provide advice when clients are faced with third parties seeking to pursue leisure activities upon clients’ land without authority.

Festivals and Concerts

We’ve worked with a range of clients who have been involved with hosting festivals and concerts of all sizes. Ranging from local community based gatherings to the biggest festivals in Scotland; we provide advice on infrastructure, commercial contract liabilities, planning and site reinstatement.


Digital technology has significantly improved how we communicate; giving telecommunication firms increased power. We can prepare and negotiate telecommunication leases if you’re a landowner and can advise on your tenant’s rights under the Telecommunications Code as well as providing support relating to compulsory purchase and planning.

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