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The forestry sector in Scotland has evolved from a source of timber to environmentally focused dynamic low-carbon businesses providing a wealth of benefits to the Scottish economy.

The environmental and economic benefits have been underpinned by tax and grant scheme opportunities making the forestry sector attractive to a broader range of investors.

Purchase and Sales

We work with all kinds of clients, from private individuals to large corporations and investment funds seeking to buy and sell forestry. If you need support relating to forest transaction including post purchase diversification opportunities, we can help.

Timber Harvest Agreements

If you’re an owner or a harvester, we can assist you with the negotiating and documentation of a timber harvest agreement. We can also prepare access management/inspection, stacking agreements and other agreements ancillary to the harvesting of timber.

Access Agreements

We routinely negotiate access agreements on behalf of the owners of forests looking to extract timber from their forest across neighbouring land and also for landowners over which the rights are to be exercised. Access agreements can often mean more than just timber extraction and we can assist you with the granting of access rights for non forestry related matters including telecommunications and renewable energy projects.

Forestry Plans

We work closely with our clients’ forestry agents to assist in the preparation and execution of their forest plans. This includes providing advice on their rights in accordance with their title and suggesting work-around solutions for any restrictions faced. We also provide assistance with extraction routes, environmental considerations and other matters of a public nature.

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