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Tax disputes

Tax laws are complicated and disputes with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are increasing.

We have extensive experience reviewing farming or business enterprises to check they qualify for the Inheritance Tax reliefs that are available. We also negotiate with HMRC on the availability of these reliefs and confirm the correct amount of tax that you should be paying.

HMRC work closely with financial institutions and foreign governments under new International Financial Data sharing agreements therefore, it’s now much easier for them to identify non compliant tax payers. If you’ve failed to report an Inheritance Tax liability or all of your income or capital gains then we’ll help you sort things out with HMRC.

Strict rules are enforced by HMRC and you’ll be penalised if you’ve submitted a tax return carelessly or if it contains incorrect information. We’ve successfully defeated penalty notices and acted for taxpayers in negotiating down the level of penalties, so if you have a tax dispute you’d like to discuss contact us here

Lastly we have experience in dealing with Revenue Scotland on Land and Buildings Transactions Tax (LBTT) and the Additional Dwellings Supplement (ADS) both in obtaining Opinions on the interpretation of this legislation and in investigations of LBTT returns.

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