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Marcus McLaren

As I reflect on my time with GM, I can’t quite believe how quickly my placement with the firm has gone. In fact, I can’t believe how quickly the whole summer has gone by! Indeed, with my final year of University fast approaching I’m conscious that I will soon be venturing out into the big bad world of work.

Before starting with the firm, I knew that I would spend my time with the Commercial Property department. This was an exciting prospect given that the majority of my honours studies at University had centred on Commercial and Corporate law. Whilst I was able to build on this background knowledge, the wide ranging nature of work in the department allowed me to work alongside and gain valuable knowledge from the Energy, Residential and even the Dispute Resolution team. Tasks such as drafting documents, liaising with clients and working with Registers of Scotland all provided me with a strong legal experience however; perhaps my most daunting task was navigating the Friday morning roll run!

Commercial Property has been a great department to work in; I enjoyed the fast-paced transactional nature of the work and by being given a good degree of independence felt like I really contributed to the team. The fact that the team were all very welcoming, friendly and able to guide me in the right direction helped to settle my initial nerves. I must add that the mentor and buddy system adopted by the firm really helped to ease my transition into the team.

Being assigned to the Commercial Property team, training sessions covering Land and Rural Business, Litigation and Private Client all provided an engaging insight into how the firm’s other teams work and the differences in day to day activities. It was particularly interesting hearing about the people-orientated work in Litigation and Private Client. Whilst the firm appreciates hard work and determination, it has certainly not been all work and no play. Indeed, the opportunity to play 5 a-side football has provided a fun way of strengthening relationships with new colleagues. The opportunity to attend end of the month staff drinks and go on a team trip to the fringe festival highlights the strong social side of the firm.

Being at the firm for one month, it has been difficult to sum up my time with Gillespie Macandrew in one blog. Indeed, this is testament to the fact that I have been offered so many opportunities both socially and professionally whilst at the firm. I have really enjoyed my time as an Intern with Gillespie Macandrew and genuinely feel like I have contributed to the success of the firm.

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