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As my internship with Gillespie Macandrew reaches an end, I can say with confidence that I’ve had one of the most eye-opening and intriguing four weeks. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity of working in two seats: Energy and Dispute Resolution. I came into my internship not knowing exactly what area of law I wanted to specialise in and so having exposure to different fields has given me an insight into areas I had never considered before.

My month at the firm has flown by. Walking up to Atholl Crescent on my first day, I was admittedly a little nervous. However, those nerves were allayed as soon I was introduced to my team who welcomed me with open arms. I quickly got a feel of the personable and approachable vibe of the firm. Gillespie Macandrew has a professional yet down-to-earth personality, making it a great place to learn and develop. I was struck by how supportive every employee was of each other, ready to give advice and support whenever needed. Since my first day, I have been seated right in the middle of the action, being able to witness all the ins and outs of a successful law firm. It has been fascinating to see the various practical and strategic considerations a solicitor has to make when conducting work for their clients – something I was never taught at university.

My mentors in both Energy and Dispute Resolution have taught me a great deal and have successfully put up with my ordinate amount of questions. My mentors have allowed me to have a real degree of independence whilst always being ready to help out if needed. I’ve been able to get involved in a diverse range of opportunities including preparing documents for court, carrying out interesting legal research, hunting down missing title deeds, sitting in a client meeting and of course, the Friday morning bacon roll run – undoubtedly the most stressful part! A particular highlight has also been the daily court run: every day I accompany one of the Dispute Resolution trainees to lodge documents in the Court of Session and the Sheriff Court and in my last week I was tasked with doing it by myself.

Whilst the professional side to Gillespie Macandrew is clearly impressive, so too is the social side. The end of the month staff drinks are a great way to get to know people from all different levels of the firm. I’ve also had a few fun nights out to the Fringe festival with my fellow team members which has again helped me get to know my colleagues outside the office environment. I would encourage any intern to get involved in the social side of the firm to which the teams have really made me feel welcome.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better firm to do an internship with. I would recommend it to anyone who seeks a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience.

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