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Navigating the complexities of employment

We were contacted by an Estate client for advice relating to staffing issues. Their only two employees, a husband and wife, lived and worked on the estate and were provided with rent-free accommodation which was tied to their employment.

Our client advised us that there were issues relating to their employment relationship and that they wished to commence a formal redundancy process. They had particular views and preferences as to how this process was to be managed. Having taken our advice on costs, risks and timescales of the process, severance packages were offered to both employees. Neither were accepted and so we had to commence with the redundancy process, resulting in the employees having to leave their employment.

This would ordinarily be the end of the matter in cases such as this however, on this occasion, the employees refused to vacate their accommodation. The relevant notices were served and they were notified of potential court proceedings. We successfully negotiated terms without the need for court action and achieved the result our client had set out for. However, had our clients not sought advice from us at the outset, they could have potentially found themselves embroiled in an expensive and time consuming Employment Tribunal as well as court proceedings.

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