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01 May 2020 News

Latest protocols from Scottish Land Commission published

The Scottish Land Commission has recently issued a further ‘Protocol’ designed to encourage better availability of information about who owns what land, and, in general terms, what they plan to do with it. The Protocol can be viewed by clicking here.

This is part of a general move, in accordance with the 'Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement’ to avoid the situation where nobody can find out who is really responsible for any piece of land. Other legislation will create a further public register, run by Registers of Scotland , of ‘Persons with a Controlling Interest in Land’, who may not be the people or companies  in whose name the title is registered, but that will not open for a year or two.

The intended scope of the protocol is best grasped by looking at the two examples of what might be put in the public domain about a piece of land, one rural, the other urban -please click here to view these examples. This is of course advisory only at present, but it is evident that the Commission are aiming to alter common practice by this protocol, and if it is adopted by many owners, we will certainly be better informed about what’s going on round about.

If you have any questions about the protocol and its implications, please get in touch.

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