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27 Aug 2021 News

COP 26

As discussed in our recent article around the lead up to COP26 it is hoped that in the lead up to and following the COP26 summit, with focus on the urgent need for action and the world watching the UK, there will be a commitment to not only putting in place tough restrictions on carbon heavy developments, but to also providing funding and support mechanisms for landowners and developers who propose green, sustainable development and an easier route through planning for such projects.

At Gillespie Macandrew, we recognise that such changes are likely to change the way businesses and individuals operate. In the months leading up to COP26 and the months and years after, we will be looking at ways in which we can support and advise businesses and individuals to help them achieve their contribution towards both UK and international climate change targets. To date, we have advised and supported our clients on a number of successful renewable energy projects that are already contributing towards a net zero society, the largest of which is SSE’s offshore project, Seagreen.

We will be providing support and advice to our clients by:

  • Giving recommendations in terms of local and onsite electricity generation
  • Offering advice in relation to the opportunities which hydrogen brings
  • Providing solutions and innovative ideas to assist with the transition to becoming carbon neutral, e.g. through carbon sequestration, environmental improvements, peat restoration and tree planting
  • Advising on grants and funding for sectors and technologies moving away from traditional sources of energy to more sustainable energy sources e.g. through Local Energy Scotland
  • Recommending ways of adapting to the impact of climate change

As well as supporting our clients, Gillespie Macandrew as a firm will also have a part to play in contributing towards a sustainable future. We are continuously looking at innovative ways in which our business can contribute towards a carbon neutral world. As a business, we have recently introduced our cycle to work scheme and aim to reducing our carbon footprint, year on year.

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