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28 Sep 2021 News

Podcast: Have you thought about what will happen to your digital assets on death?

We rely on computers, mobiles and the internet for so many aspects of our day to day lives. From our social media accounts, to our networking platforms, to our online banking and rewards points. We run businesses, set up utilities, manage our finances and organise our social lives from behind our screens. With so much of our important information online, very few of us (myself included until recently) have thought about what will happen to our assets on death. The reality is, that forgetting to consider what happens to these assets on death could result in your loved ones losing out on both valuable and sentimental digital assets.

Listen to this podcast by private client solicitor Gillian Wilson who talks through the legal issues around digital assets and outlines some practical steps you can take to make things easier for you family.

Can’t see the podcast player? Visit Spreaker to listen.

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